My first Swisher card of 2014 is …


The 2014 Topps Series 1 set arrived on Jan. 29 with Swish appearing on a (rarer) short-printed version of his card showing him celebrating the Tribe’s postseason berth. It was my first Swish for the year — and certainly won’t be the last.

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Laundry tags aren’t so common for some players

The laundry tag card isn’t all that common for some players as there just aren’t a ton of jerseys chopped up each year for baseball cards.

Although I am sure he has a few — but not many — my only Nick Swisher tag card comes from the 2009 Ballpark Collection Laundry Tags set where a tag made the cut to make just five serial-numbered cards.

It wasn’t super-expensive but it also wasn’t single-jersey swatch cheap, either. Definitely a slightly cooler card than some, though.

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One of my favorite Nick Swisher game-used Relics …


There are a lot of game-used Relic cards out there — and plenty for Nick Swisher just like most guys these days — but this set, these Allen & Ginter minis, are among my annual favorites.

This is Swish’s 2006 Allen & Ginter Relic, which has a piece of a game-used jersey embedded into the framed mini. I have plenty of them — and I’ll always pick up more of them when the price is right.

The first Ginter set will always be a favorite of many but the Relics have actually improved in little ways the last few years. So far, I have them all when it comes to Swisher.

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Yankee Effect means I end up paying more for Nick Swishers …

When a player becomes a New York Yankee, a lot changes — and it’s got nothing to do with long hair (read the link … he had a great reason), beards, Hollywood wives, etc.

It’s got everything to do with deep-pocketed fans of, hands down, the most-successful baseball team in the world.

Nick Swisher being a New York Yankee means I end up paying more for his key cards — if I can land them at all.

One such example? This 2009 SP Authentic Signatures card is a short-print — and it’s one of just a few Yankees autographs. But it’s also just one of the many stickers he’s signed for a few years now — just like plenty of cheaper autographs out there. I got sick of missing out on the card — the few times it came up for sale — and I had to pony up to land it for the cost of about 4-5 other Swish autographs.

It’s the pinstripes. Guaranteed.

But this forum post is pretty entertaining, though.

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Nick Swisher’s only full Logoman card (that I know of) so far …

I’m not the first owner of this Nick Swisher card, but I intend to be the last one.

It’s his only game-used memorabilia card that includes a full Logoman MLB logo from the back of his jersey, and it’s from the 2006 Ultimate Collection set. It hit the auction block a few years ago with a pricetag and timing that translated into one thing for me owning it: “No way.”

But It eventually found its way to me when the collector decided to part with most of the Swishes in his stash, selling at a loss, and now it’s mine. It’s not without some minor flaws — a sticker auto with the ink running off and the crooked authentication sticker — but it’s my priciest Swish.

It’s a 1/1 card that also has a Logoman and autograph of Rich Harden, another former A’s player, on the back.

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There are plenty of Nick Swisher game-used baseball bat cards, but there are just two bat knob cards in existence …

Topps has produced more than a few Nick Swisher game-used baseball bat cards since the first one arrived in 2004 Bowman Draft, but Swish has just two bat knob cards made by any card company.

Each is a 1/1 autographed knob card found in 2009 Topps Unique, a one-shot product that had some high-end thrills found inside its packs.

The two knob cards in Unique have different card numbers — and I am not sure whether one that I lost on eBay is the other card or whether I won this one during its second time on the block. Neither card had much distinguishing features on the knob, unlike most Swisher gamers, which typically have had “BLS” (Swisher’s grandmother’s initials) or some other message on them.

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Nick Swisher’s first MLB (& Chrome) cards: 2002 Bowman Draft

Nick Swisher’s first MLB cards arrived in the 2002 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects product and the best card to land in that one is his Gold Refractor.

Limited to just 50 serial-numbered copies, this unsigned Rookie Card may not seem so special these days — where all of the rare versions come with actual autographs — but it’s the best one. Unfortunately, I own only 1/25th of the entire press run … I need more!

The “Chrome Rainbow” in 2002 included a standard Chrome, Refractor, X-Fractor and the Gold Refractor. Thankfully, this is one I have completed — not sure if I can say that for any other years with all the SuperFractors and printing plates to be chased. (The standard Bowman card lineup will be posted separately later on.)

You can see each version after the jump.

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Here is where, from time to time, I will post images and brief descriptions of the Nick Swisher cards and memorabilia in my collection. Over time, my goal to have everything in the stash documented right here.

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