New item: 1975 Topps Steve Swisher Rookie Card photograph slide

My latest vintage addition … 1975 Topps Steve Swisher Rookie Card slide

I may not own a Pristine copy of Steve Swisher‘s 1975 Topps Rookie Card, but my latest edition seems even more unique and interesting than any high-grade copy of a card older than I am.

It’s the slide or color transparency used to make the card and it was recently sold via the Topps Vault, Topps’ online sales arm that brings remnants of past card creations back to life and helps get them into collectors’ pockets.

The negative is just as it was recently found in an envelope in the company’s files — but now is mounted in a sealed case on a white cardboard slip. It doesn’t scan all that well, but you get the idea from what’s seen here.

There’s likely only one — at least only one that was saved — and it’s mine. I picked off his 1976 image as well, landing both for a lot less than the price of a new Topps wax box.

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It’s not too tough to collect Nick Swisher’s dad, either …

As a kid, I collected Jose Canseco, who had a twin brother who played baseball. Never knew that until after I started collecting — so it was a bonus.

As it turns out, Nick Swisher’s dad, Steve, played in the major leagues, too, and later managed in the minors. He was an All-Star (barely — good story there) and appears on 44 different baseball cards with his Rookie Card arriving in 1975 Topps.

While I can’t say I have tracked them all down — it wouldn’t be too tough so it’s on the eternal to-do list — I have picked up some interesting items here and there that I’ll showcase here from time to time.

How’s this for starters? It’s Steve Swisher’s 1981 Topps baseball card contract straight from The Topps Vault.

He signed it on March 25, 1981, which makes it his last contract with the company and, for trivia’s sake, the only one signed after his future All-Star (barely — good story there, too) was born.

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